Dr Barbara Schorr


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1 2 3 4 5
13th September 2017
Written by a patient at Eden Medical Group

I saw Dr Schorr a few times over a period of maybe 18 month, struggling with depression following the loss of a baby. She was absolutely spot on at every appointment. She was amazing quite frankly. She remembered from one appointment to the next (with gaps of months between them) She had some practical suggestions to help me cope. She didn't force medication on me, but gently pursuaded me when both she and I really knew it was needed. She judged me right and was very frank with me at times in telling me ways to cope, and I really appreciated that (eg I was getting caught up in following something on social media that was troubling me and she told me to just stop, that it was doing me no good. I needed someone to be that stern with me). She was a significant factor in my mental health recovery.

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