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28th October 2015
Written by a patient at Alexandra Hospital

I visited Neurologist Dr Antony Thomas for help with migraine pain( although I needed to have a greater occipital nerve injection due to head trauma because I had suffered an injury during an epileptic seizure). At the follow up appointment I mentioned I"d had 2 epileptic seizures , but I do see another Neurologist on a regular basis for treatment of my epilepsy. Dr Thomas already knew this because he had all my medical history previous before doing the occipital nerve injection only 12 days before. The Occipital nerve injection had not been a great success and I still had some head pain so Dr Thomas mentioned some headache pain-relief medication i could take. At my first consultation for the injection , Dr Thomas mentioned some medication I could take if the injection wasnt successful but then at the follow up appointment I could not believe how all of a sudden when I said I had 2 epileptic seizures a few days after the injection his attitude towards me changed. He then began questioning why I take so much anti-epileptic medication? I felt like this Dr was a bully.He had his nurse sat in the room behind me and whilst He was saying to me surely you dont need to take that much anti-epileptic medication because otherwise if you had epilepsy, with that amount of medicine you would not have the fits!! I tried to explain it does not work like that, I had a very serious life threatening injury when I was young and now have Temporal Sclerosis of the hippocampus, which is very difficult to control with medication and a brain operation is also very risky so life is hard. Dr Thomas then decided the headache pain relief he thought about giving to me that he had now changed his mind because he wasnt sure if I had got Epilepsy! I was and still am disgusted whilst typing this because I was diagnosed with Epilepsy 44 YEARS AGO and have tried various medication and my current Neurologist ( Epilepsy specialist), whom I contacted today told me not to worry and there is very clear evidence and any requests this Dr wants from my file He is welcome to request but its one Dr I would not wish to return to or advise anyone with Epilepsy to consult for advice. I thought the nurse was very rude and abrupt who sat in the room behind myself because whilst Dr Thomas was questioning my plan of anti-epileptic medication and that i take too much ( like i was doing my own thing)! I did have to point out that this was a medication plan of a Neurologist and I dont buy the drugs from somewhere!Also I dont like taking medication but I have no choice and at the end of the day my consultation with Dr Thomas was for head pain not Epilepsy because I already have a doctor who treats me for that condition so why get involved. The nurse, who had never met me before and obviously knew nothing about me started saying "Oh, I think Dr Thomas doesnt really mean it like that". I could not wait to get out of the room before saying thankyou for wasting my time.

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