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4th September 2017
Written by a patient at Balfour Hospital

I can highly recommend this doctor. In fact, he has been the only doctor I met who, after having a B12 deficient blood test overlooked for a significant period of time back in 2010/2011, attempted to investigate the fact I had remaining symptoms. This is despite the fact that the referral letter from my GP (which I later saw) was, to say the least, non-specific and rambling. His communication and observational skills are excellent and, had his line of enquiry been followed through, there can be little doubt that I would have received care of some sort, rather than being labelled an hysterical hypochondriac. We may not have established a conclusion immediately considering the lack of knowledge about B12 deficiency and nerve damage at the time (and the fact that my GP managed to not reveal how long he had overlooked my blood test for) but this kind of doctor is what medicine should be embracing because they progress knowledge while also making the patient feel as if they matter.

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