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Written by a patient
18th March 2020

In search of a new paediatrician for my 3mo old son, I saw positive reviews about Dr Andrew Sawczenko and visited him this month for a general control and some questions about feeding/sleeping schedule. In all fairness, it very easy to book an appointment with him and he responded to my emails promptly. However, even though I assume he has great level of knowledge based on previous parent reviews, I personally do not recommend him due to his overall attitude. The most frustrating thing was I didn’t find his social skills particularly helpful and think his comments were inappropriate at times. For instance, he said my house would be 25C and very warm for the baby given my nationality, which isn’t the case at all and I wasn’t sure where this was coming from. At some point, he asked if I were relatives with my husband (I’d guess this was again based on his judgement about our nationalIty). When I said what he meant as I was shocked, he asked if we were cousins or something similar. This was a very weird question to receive as I have seen other paediatricians and none asked this type of question. Another example is on my baby’s body shape as he said he did have short legs possibly taking it from my side, narrower head taking from my husband and has small chin which shall grow in time etc. What’s the point of making such comments? I wouldn’t visit a paediatrician to get some prejudging views on these areas so I recommend him to speak on these only if there is a valid reason or concern.. Another thing that frustrated me was his guidance on starting solids with my baby at 4months going against the NHS advice. My son is exclusively breastfed, healthy and gaining weight so I wasn’t sure why he insisted on this subject. In summary, I don’t recommend him..

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