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1st March 2013
Written by a carer at Sydenham Green Group Practice

I used to find Dr Platman to be a competent practitioner though lacking in some people skills. Then, at a time of great distress to my family,in the aftermath of a serious cancer diagnosis when my partner was in pain, frightened, sleep deprived and tired from journeys to hospital, Dr Platman let us down and placed procedural considerations above care. With a fresh cancer diagnosis and an arduous time between hospitals to set up chemo treatment, our GP surgery had little need to be involved, save as a back up if called upon. The cancer diagnosis hadn't been through the surgery. Dr Platman had not seen my partner for a while, so indicated he had to go through the formality of meeting up. This seemed to me so he could verify what he was being told on the phone by me - an action which I understood in the circumstances.. Yet, when I explained how bad my partner was and asked for a home visit, Dr Platman seemed to do everything he could to resist complying with my request. He told me how they usually didn't give home visits and, when I became upset and said my partner would not be able to come to the surgery given the circumstances, Dr Platman still stuck to his guns and said 'we consider that if a patient is well enough to get to the hospital, they are well enough to come to the surgery'. I was shocked by his stance. It felt like he didn't believe my account of the situation and wasn't prepared to err on the side of caution and think that I was more likely than not being genuine. After clarifying the visit to the surgery was a formality to confirm details as given by me, I explained that my partner would not be able to come and, if Dr Platman did not consider it sufficiently important to warrant a home visit, then he would not see my partner at that time. At this point, Dr Platman conceded he would come to the house. He came, spent 5 minutes talking to my partner who was resting in a darkened room then left. On the threshold, door open, just before stepping outside, he turned to me and said 'You doing all right, are you?'. I don't know why he even asked me how I was as it was clear, he was intent on getting away as quickly as possible. Since that visit, I've heard nothing from him. At a time of so much worry and pressure, I felt completely let down by Dr Platman. My partner was too ill to waste time on what happened. I will never forget it. While the hospital doctors and staff were exemplary in their care and professionalism, our GP seemed at the opposite end of the spectrum. Because of the experience, I no longer believe in Dr Platman as a Doctor and found his lack of sensitivity and empathy breathtaking. I know emotions run high on the back of a cancer diagnosis and if you asked me if I was highly strung at the time, then of course I was. I just thought a GP with long experience would have had no difficulty appreciating the difficulty of that moment and would have displayed extra sensitivity, not less. By so doing he even added to the anxiety. I've never submitted a formal complaint - too much was going on at the time for me to waste time and energy. But I think such a shortfall in care from a GP should be noted as it may well be helpful to others.

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