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15th December 2014
Written by a patient at Jessop Medical Practice

Dr Mott was recommended to me by my wife, who had seen him previously. I had recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, a rather horrible disease which causes chronic pain, fatigue, cognitive impairment, motor impairment, coordination and balance issues, and the list goes on. Dr Mott is a quiet and attentive man, who listens and pauses for thought. He has never rushed me in nearly two years of fairly regular contact. Most importantly, he has never written off something new as automatically being linked to the Fibromyalgia - a common problem faced with this illness. We have had to work through a long list of medication to find the ones that are currently working. If I say something isn't working, he listens and seeks alternatives (which is why I sought to switch doctor in the first place, as my previous GP refused to hear me when I was saying that the opioid pain relief was not working. I had begun to feel like I was being treated like a junkie who just wanted higher doses. When the opposite was true, I didn't want the opioid medication at all because it was having zero effect on my pain symptoms). Dr Mott immediately understood my intention and took me off Tramadol and put me on an SNRI medication. We spent time trying the medications, progressively moving through dosages and different types. Some worked well, but gradually became ineffective, others didn't work at all. But he never shunned my requests, and never dismissed my suggestions without appropriate consideration. Those he agreed with we tried, those that he didn't I was happy not to try. Medically, I would trust Dr Mott with my life. If he said something was worth trying I would. I am not the kind of person who is very trusting of medical professionals, nor am I someone that can feel at ease with people I barely know. The same is true with this situation, initially I was not comfortable with switching to a new doctor, and I maintained my usual guarded scepticism. Over time though I have learned to trust this man's medical judgement implicitly. I have grown comfortable with seeing him and talking on the phone with him (I hate telephone conversations at the best of times). Moreover, as a person I am confident in his character. He is a man I would gladly socialise with (I can count the number of non-family members I socialise with on one hand), and someone I feel is trustworthy outside of the surgery, as well as inside it. One thing that must be remembered is that Dr Mott is an extremely busy doctor, who does far more than just GP care. I have a need for organisation, and thus book my appointments in advance. The reception team are very kind and helpful when it comes to this, but even so, I usually have to book anywhere between a week and three weeks ahead. He is a very popular doctor, and for good reason. But I say this with absolute sincerity, I would gladly book a couple of months ahead to see this man. If he ever decided to go into private practice and relocate, I would stake my life savings that he'd become the most sought after GP on Harley Street. If you have a chronic or terminal condition, I would wholeheartedly recommend this doctor.

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