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Written by a patient
11th May 2018

I met Alistair Makin in 2017 when i had a sever case of Acute Pancreatitis, I almost died and was in an induced coma, then in intensive care for a while, then on the recovery wards.. I later developed what he said was the largest Pseudocyst he had seen, It was around the full size of my stomach, I had to have a lot of Necrosectomys , varying other operations and medication, I also caught Sepsis a few times, so was in a bad state. I lost a lot of weight, strength and energy and also some movement, due to me not being able to eat of drink much, due to the Pancreatitis and Pseudocyst, I believe Alistair doing all he could with me and not giving up until it was resolved saved my life, With a total stay of 6 months in hospital. I now just have to have follow up reviews, scans, etc and take all my medications, and hopefully i shall be fine, 50/50 chance of it returning. I can not thank Alistair enough, And his team as i spent a lot of time with them during my stay in hospital, they almost became a part of the family, And i can not praise Alistair enough. Stephen Russell.

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