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Written by a patient
27th October 2017

I first went to see him privately for ongoing gasto distress. I had been having lots of trouble for years and my quality of life was poor as i couldnt go anywhere without being terrified of having to dash to the loo. I first saw him and he was arranging tests for me. Unfortunately i ended up in hospital before his tests could commence but the hospital stay meant i had tonnes of tests anyway and then he arranged some speedy follow ups afterwards. After 10 years of horrible, it took just a month to get a Crohns diagnosis. Mr Makin then set out a treatment plan. Which improved stuff but didnt really work. He then moved me to a different therapy from which i have had great success. The guy actually listens to you. He doesnt just throw drugs at you and forget you. I have to note that a lot of this is down to his team at MRI too. They work together so well and the results in my case have been legendary. Is my health perfect right now. No it is not but without Mr Makin getting me on a proper treatment plan i dont know what sort of a state i would be in. For me he is a legend. I cannot thank him enough for the difference he has made. He knows his stuff and treats you like a person.

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