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Written by a NHS patient
14th September 2022

I go to New Rickstones Academy and I was assaulted in a PE lesson by three boys, I'm a girl. The teacher didn't help because she was on her phone. I refused to go to school after it happend so my mum took me to see Dr Mayet. I thought he would just ask my mum what happend but he didn't he asked me to swap seats with my mum and then he asked me what happend. He was the first person apart from my mum who told me how wrong what happend to me was and that it wasn't my fault. The teachers didn't care. He was really nice to me we had a long chat and he explained to me that he would write a letter to the school and tell them they should look after me and support me so that I can go to school and feel safe. Dr Mayet really helped me because he showed me he cared and that what happend to me was wrong, it wasn't my fault and that he would do everything he could to help me.

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