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Written by a patient
7th January 2020

I’ve been struggling with my chest and a bad cough for 6 years since moving to the UK. Every winter as soon as I get my first cold I cough for the whole winter. I eventually feel better but the cough doesn’t go away. I’d previously been to a different surgery and on numerous times been in for the same thing and always told it was a virus. I even asked for a chest X-ray and was just told it was clear. Seeing Dr Mayet for the first time I explained my symptoms by that stage I’d been coughing for almost 5 weeks. He didn’t dismiss me like the other doctors did. He prescribed two inhalers and ordered a chest X-ray. He monitored my breathing with a peak flow metre to see if my lungs strengthened on the treatment. I have now been diagnosed with seasonal asthma. My symptoms are almost gone I do require the inhaler periodically and for exercise but I am no longer constantly coughing. I am so grateful he took the time to listen to me and actually consider that it might be more than just a virus.

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