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Written by a patient
20th March 2018

AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!! Actually you would probably be better off chasing the plague. I started seeing this "Doctor" in 2015 for the treatment and maintenance of my Crohn's disease. All I will say is that in the three years I was under him he did nothing for me. In fact he made me 10x worse than I already was. It wasn't until I started asking about and talking to other patient of this that I realised that it wasn't just me. I found a further 6 patients that have had serious issues, as well as people posting on this webpage. I am limited as to what I can share on here. I had to go private, I lost all faith in the NHS and had to go private. I am so glad I did because it turned out that I was on the complete wrong treatment plan and my current private gastro knows Mr A Gelsthorpe all to well, but not in a good way, However my new Professor is a professional and wont disclose his discrepancies. It is amazing what a little time and research can dig up. Also if you are considering to see him privately i would highly suggest you don't. It says a lot about a doctor who does a midnight flip on his clinic and staff.... that's what pub landlords in debt do, not "professionals" of medicine. PLEASE, if you want to get better choose someone different. This guy has no care for his patients, no sympathy, is not in anyway shape or form understanding and is actually very rude and abrupt. I am now left with NAFLD and other ailments because of his lack in judgement and professionalism. My very last experience with him i can share.... I was suffering with a sever flare of my Crohn's so i managed to get a last minute appointment with him. I attended the hospital and walked to the clinic..... it turns out that he wasn't even there, he had gone on holiday for two weeks and failed to inform me that he had cancelled all appointments....He also failed to inform his own Clinical team. I think this paints the perfect picture. Oh and he clinical time keeping has much to be desired. It has taken me a while to pluck up the courage to write something as I needed to gather all my fact first before going making serious accusations. This is one doctor who should not be practising in areas he isn't confident or interested in. No disrespect to the hospital. After going private, My new consulate took me as an NHS patient within 1 day, and within one week had adjusted, changed and started me on a new course of treatment that I had been waiting 3 years for. In just 4 weeks I am startling to slowly gain hope, control and eventual my life back. I left Leicesters NHS trust because it really was the worst. I hope some one finds this us full or find comfort in knowing they are not alone when having issues with Adrian. Do yourself a favour...Change before it is to late. I currently have a Pals complaint going through the various channels.

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