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11th December 2016
Written by a carer at Altnagelvin Area Hospital

My wife, Marcia, recently had a heart attack while we were staying at the Clanree hotel, Letterkenny. We were on holiday, having flown in from Stansted, England. Cooperation between the Letterkenny hospital & Altnagelvin hospital in Derry resulted in Marcia being transferred from Letterkenny to Altnagelvin and having three stents fitted by Dr Ramsewak on the same day that the attack occurred. After the procedure Dr Ramsewak recommended that Marcia had a forth stent fitted in approximately six weeks time (early January 2016). We were so impressed by the professionalism of Dr Ramsewak and his team that we are seriously considering returning to Londonderry for the forth stent in preference to our our own local NHS hospital in England. It might carry the expense of 'going privately', plus a potentially uncomfortable January ferry crossing and onward 400 mile drive to Norfolk,' but we feel this to be a price well worth paying for such excellent care. The dvd given to us by the team, showing video of blood flowing through Marcia's previously blocked blood vessels was an extremely emotional viewing experience. We both stared in wonder as the the stents were manoeuvred into place and blood flushed into the earlier dormant capillaries around the heart muscle. Such a beautiful sight! Following the operation Dr Ramsewak spent considerable time with us both, discussing the procedure and his concerns about the condition he had found Marcia in upon her arrival. He left no stone unturned. In the days that followed Marcia unfortunately developed a stubborn infection & her stay became a lengthy fourteen days. During this period her treatment by the nursing staff was exemplary. Her consultant Dr Purvis appeared genuinely concerned and apologetic for 'his' inability to conquer the infection sooner. His attitude was both comforting and spirit raising. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank the Clanree hotel staff for their compassion during my unintended sixteen day stay with them. On more than one occasion their overwhelming kindness had me in tears. Finally, thanks to everyone who helped us through this difficult time. There are so many of you! Words really can't express our gratitude. But suffice to say...if Marcia had to have a heart attack then I really don't believe she could have picked a better place for it. :-) Merry Christmas to you and yours. Andy & Marcia

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