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Written by a private patient
24th November 2021

We dealt with Professor Gatrad when my son had been experiencing ongoing vomitting. The Professor was so friendly and kind which instantly put my son at ease. It felt as though Professor Gatrad knew us personally almost immediately and seemed genuinely interested in not only my son's health but his overall life, interests and hobbies. The Professor saw us the same day that I contacted him and spent a long time with us on our initial appointment and was extremely thorough by going through the timeline each day at a time! He certainly helped reassure us as we had been so worried with the symptoms being ongoing. Within days we had numerous tests undertaken and follow up appointment scheduled. With the Professor's professors help, my son is no longer experiencing intermittent vomitting and is hopefully now on the road to a full recovery. I hadn't heard of Professor Gatrad before seeing him but I would urge others to read up on him and all of the wonderful work he does. Sometimes in life, you come across a person who is clearly an amazing human being and Professor Gatrad is certainly one of those! My son and I would highly recommend. THANK YOU!

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1 2 3 4 5
1 2 3 4 5