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Written by a private patient
16th June 2019

I had the dreaded root canal treatment at smile up dental, I say dreaded because my past experiences at other dentists has been a long and painful process but the procedure carried out by Dr Stefano was such a totally different experience that I almost fell asleep during the procedure, not only was it completely painless it was carried out in an extremely professional and caring manner and made me regret using uncaring and shoddy dentists in the past. The whole team at Smile up are the polar opposite of my previous dentists they are all a pleasure to deal with and I feel completely at ease with any procedure they perform on my teeth. I can’t recommend them enough particularly if like myself you have experienced bad dentistry in the past or you are nervous about dentists as a whole. I never thought I would walk through a dentists door actually looking forward to my days treatment. Even If you don’t live in the area make the effort to visit smile up dentist practice as you won’t regret it. Mark.

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