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Written by a NHS patient
31st March 2022

Number one for ADHD assessment and care! I’ve been a patient with Psychiatry UK for a little over a year. I have found the entire process to be phenomenal. My only difficulty is with the initial forms and remembering to measure my pulse and BP and order my medication (the irony of being an ADHD adult). P-UK have been efficient, responsive, informative and seamless throughout the process; from supporting me obtaining a referral to them from my GP and the ensuing struggles with my local CCG, through to my request for a specific doctor , to titration, to review, to securing shared care with my GP. I specifically requested Dr Elena Ghetau who I can hand on heart say is an angel. She is the kindest, most compassionate, understanding and loveliest doctor I have ever had the honour of being cared for by. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her and to be cared for her again in the future if needed. I also cannot speak highly enough of the owner of P-UK, Jon Chanter, who personally supported, advised and encouraged me to continue to fight for the care and assessment I needed when I had no fight left in me. He was right; getting the diagnosis I deserved and the medication I need has changed my life. Without a doubt, P-UK are number one for ADHD assessment and care.

1st April 2022
Response from Psychiatry-UK

Thank you so much for your review. We are always really pleased to hear that patients have had a good experience with our service, and we share all feedback (good or bad) with all our colleagues. It is particularly good to know that Dr Elena Ghetau and our CEO, Jon Chanter, have made such a difference to your life. I will make sure they get to hear this feedback.

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