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Written by a NHS patient
1st March 2023

The service provided to me, through initial ADHD assesment with the psychiatrist to titration and being refered back to my GP for prescription, has been second to none. Both my psychiatrist and titration practitioner showed great patience and understanding, and have been supportive and responsive the whole way. Considering the work load they must be under, especially considering I am a right to choose patient (NHS funded), the level of care they provided was second to none, and I feel I was treated to the same level as that of a private health care customer would be. I would reccomend the service to anyone looking for an ADHD assesment under the NHS. The wait time to be refered is long, and then the wait for titration to start takes a while as well, but it's 100% worth it. Details for how right to choose works can be found on their website.

2nd March 2023
Response from Psychiatry-UK

Hi - Thank you for your feedback. It is always really useful for us to hear about patient experiences, so we can make sure we address any problems quickly or make changes to our processes if needed. We are really pleased to hear that you have felt supported and well cared-for throughout, and that you would be happy to recommend P-UK.

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