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Written by a NHS patient
8th March 2023

My experience of my assesors: My psychiatrist seemed really kind and i felt safe with him. My nurse seemed ok but i did not feel safe with her. I'm not sure why. My experience of my assessment: I would like to have understood how the assessment worked. After the assessment i felt that they had been asking me questions about other mental health conditions and that because maybe they felt that i had other mental health conditions, they didn't need to give me an autism diagnosis. It felt to me like they were trying to find ways that i was not autistic rather than how i feel i am autistic. I felt really upset after the assessment as i did not understand how they could base that i am not autistic on three main things: that i was able to communicate on a one to one online, that i could express how i feel and that i did not look autistic. Some main issues that i have is dissociating and masking and this was in my written assessment but i cant remember them asking me about this in this face to face assessment. I find it weird that masking and dissociating was not taken into account in my answers and how i presented, or at least this is how it seemed to me. I have issues with trust and not feeling safe and not understanding why fully has made me feel less trusting and more unsafe.

9th March 2023
Response from Psychiatry-UK

Firstly, thank you for your review. It is always really useful for us to hear about patient experiences, good or bad, so we can make sure we address any problems quickly or make changes to our processes if needed. It sounds as though you do not feel as though your experience has been as positive as you would have liked it to be. We have a dedicated team who could discuss this with you further. If you feel this would be beneficial, please do get in touch by emailing:

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