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Written by a NHS patient
1st March 2023

I’ve been under psychiatry-Uk for nearly a year now and have been on titration since December with Elisa Bickerton and she’s honestly been a life saver I panic a lot and get confused really easy and whenever I’ve needed her she’s been there straight away even over the Christmas period when she wasn’t required to be, every question with her has been answered with no hesitation. Honestly would tell anyone who was looking for help to come straight here.

2nd March 2023
Response from Psychiatry-UK

Hi - Thank you for your feedback. It is always really useful for us to hear about patient experiences, so we can make sure we address any problems quickly or make changes to our processes if needed. We are really pleased to hear that your journey has been positive and that you would be happy to recommend P-UK. We will also pass on your feedback to your titration prescriber.

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