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Written by a NHS patient
16th June 2022

Psychiatry UK in my experience has been phenomenal. I was referred as an NHS patient, they are clear and consistent in their communication. Explaining everything I as the patient needed to do. Each interaction was friendly and understanding. When I changed some personal details they were accommodating to my change of name. [I am also glad to see on their portal there is a setting to put your preferred name and pronouns] There is a log of all messages on the dashboard which I greatly appreciate being able to refer back to. I felt involved in my own treatment as if they cared for me as an individual and not just lumping me as another individual who needed treatment and was on my way. The only feedback I could consider would be for the portal login if there was a way for both patient and Dr/Nurse to have a note after video or phone call appointments where they confirm what was discussed as a matter of keeping records.

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