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Written by a NHS patient
28th February 2023

I've been impressed with all the doctors and phone support people I've spoken to. From doing both diagnoses through to titration, everything was professional and timely. There is a delay of six months for the 'titration' (testing and adjusting the dose of medication) after diagnosis. Once I reached the front of the queue Dr Hassan was very responsive. So responsive that he replied to my form submission and answered my concerns within a few hours -- and on a Sunday evening! Amazing! That shows Psychiatry UK are working around the clock and over weekends to get their patients treated and process the backlog. For anyone waiting for their medication, it's coming, don't worry, they're doing their best to get to you.

2nd March 2023
Response from Psychiatry-UK

Hi - Thank you for your feedback. It is always really useful for us to hear about patient experiences, good or bad, so we can make sure we address any problems quickly or make changes to our processes if needed. We are really pleased to hear that your experience with the various teams you have been in contact with through your diagnosis and treatment has been positive and professional. As you have noted, our service is extremely popular, but we are working hard to reduce our wait times. Many of our staff members really do go that extra mile and I will share your feedback within our organisation, as I know it will be appreciated.

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