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Mr Jonathan Small

Chiropodist / Podiatrist

About me Jonathan qualified from Cardiff School of Podiatry in 1990, and started his professional career at Horton Hospital, Banbury where he specialised in Nail Surgery for various nail pathologies involving chemical ablation of partial or total nail excisions performed under local anaesthesia. He also developed an interest in The Diabetic Foot and quickly progressed to be Diabetic Foot & Wound Care Specialist at Warwick & Stratford Hospitals, working alongside Consultant Diabetologists, Vascular Surgeons, Orthopaedic Surgeons, and Orthotists. He developed Warwickshire Diabetic Foot Forum and provided training for Doctors, Nurses, and other Podiatrists in the management of diabetic foot complications. Jonathan subsequently diversified to become a Gait & Movement Analyst at Royal Leamington Spa Rehabilitation Hospital, using advanced computer systems to study the kinematics & kinetics of walking affected by various pathologies predominantly with neurological causes e.g. stroke, head injury etc. He helped develop the use of inshoe foot pressure measurements, including introducing them into innovative quantitative assessment of balance. He also ran a specialised joint clinic for complex pathologies with a Consultant Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Surgeon. He was then recruited as Consultant Podiatrist for Worcestershire NHS Offender Health, providing a full range of specialist Podiatry treatments, including biomechanical assessments, prescription of functional foot orthoses (orthotics), nail surgery, and also established a medical footwear service. He developed close working relationships with the Consultant Physiotherapist, GPs and Nursing staff. Alongside these employments and subsequent to them, Jonathan runs his own private practice in Southam, Warwickshire, where he provides intensive treatment plans to improve or cure even longstanding foot conditions. He has high success rates, and one example is his nail surgery success at over 99%. He has embraced new developments in the management of difficult conditions, including Falknor's surgical needling for stubborn verrucae. His Southam practice has over 5500 registered patients and he employs Associate Podiatrists there – see He also set up and acts as Consulting Podiatrist for Health First, a Footcare Products Supplies business with over 20000 satisfied customers – see Jonathan is registered with all the major medical insurers, but is especially pleased to bring his high quality service to BUPA customers where he is happy to see any patient with a foot-related problem. Specifically, he promotes the following specialist Podiatry service packages: • Nail surgery to permanently resolve ingrowing & deformed toenails • Falknor's surgical needling to promote a host immune response against verrucae • Intensive treatment algorithms to resolve troublesome foot conditions e.g. plantarfasciitis, longstanding corns etc. • Bespoke casted and off-the-shelf stock orthotics to correct biomechanical anomalies • Advanced Podiatric interventions including shockwave therapy, steroid & joint injections, and prescription-only medicines Areas of interest Intensive treatment plans to resolve foot problems & foot-related problems (e.g. nail surgery, cryotherapy, verruca needling, orthotics, shockwave, injections etc.); Nail problems (ingrown - onychocryptosis, fungal - onychomycosis, thickened - onychogryphosis, involuted, convoluted); Corns (hard, soft, seed, fibrous, neurovascular); Callouses (hard skin); Athlete's foot (mycosis); Heel fissures; Foot ulcers (ischaemic, neuropathic, neuroischaemic); Infections; Verrucae; Bunions (hallux valgus); Heel pain (policeman's heel); Morton's neuroma; Tendonitis, shin splints (anterior compartment syndrome); Deformities (hammer toes, clawed toes, hallux rigidus); Metatarsalgia; Plantarfasciitis/osis; Fat pad atrophy; Functional pains; Excessive pronation; Leg length difference; Collapsed / fallen arches



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