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16th December 2018

I had septic shock in 2016 at age 52, my heart was scarred by the organ wide infection, I almost died, I was left with various organ issues including severe SVT resulting in multiple hospital admissions a heart rate of 249 a minute on all occasions. I was prescribed bisoprolol 1.25mg for 2 months a very low dose it didn’t work. Then 2.5mg for last 14 months it’s just stopped being effective as I’ve had 4 episodes of high elevated heart rate over the last 8 weeks, but I suffered debilitating fatigue and confusion on it which I’ve learnt to live with, I spend a lot of time asleep or resting, I need a catheter ablation but cardiologist is reluctant as my immune system is damaged from sepsis and if I get it again I’ll die this time. Yesterday my GP upped my bisoprolol to 5mg and rereferred me back to cardiologist. This morning my head is very foggy, I’m so very tired despite sleeping well, noises also seem really loud like my hearing is super good, not sure why ?? I’ll see how it goes on 5mg

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